“We used Exchequer on-premise before this. Wasn’t fit for purpose – not good for multi locations.  We needed something that was true cloud based.  And something that would grow with us – something with lots of automation but that was relatively easy to set up.  Xledger we found the best fit of true cloud ERP.”

About Jazz Networks

The project

Jazz Networks were looking for a new system in 2016, something that would deal with multiple locations and projects and also different currencies.  Challenges included:

  • system didn’t do multinational projects
  • difficulty managing global data
  • limited system
  • manual entry of data
  • limited visibility across the business
  • limited insights for reporting on revenue ahead of turnaround
  • limited decision making


Xledger provided Jazz Networks with a cost-effective platform with vendor support, a monthly (no tie in) subscription and quarterly vendor-side updates.


  • Deployed integrated system in The Cloud
  • Agile forecasting system
  • Automated banking and accounting functions
  • Additional functionality for planning
  • Dashboard management and easy reporting
  • Support and development with the Xledger team
  • Project accounting functionality
  • Reporting and analytics in real-time

What the client said

  • It’s quick and easy to implement
  • Large time saving features
  • Staff take you on a journey where your needs are listened to and factored into developments


“Frustrations – on-premise – hard to use remotely. Exchange rates are difficult to handle in other systems Other systems require bolt ons that are not cheap.  Whereas with Xledger you get everything in one go.  A Big price difference for us. Xledger comes out of the box and doesn’t require much set up.

Challenges to overcome – wanted something as soon as possible.  we needed to move fast. And the location and on-premise issue.  And something that would scale. The bank transactions made it very attractive.

We’ve already solved all our problems.  We’ve got a lot of automation.  We’re in a good position now – with a system that will meet our demands as we grow.  It was easy to onboard and implement.  We got it up really quickly in a few weeks.

It differs from previous systems – price – you get very good piece of software for a good price. We only needed 2 staff in finance.  With other systems you need more staff.  It’s very automated and makes life very easy for us.  We’re set to grow so we are confident we have a system that will make this as painless as possible. OCR and bank reconciliation are amazing.  We don’t waste any time each month with the reconciling.  The dashboard is nice.

It makes the accounting so much easier and quicker so that we can focus on financial strategic areas instead of getting bogged down.

Real-time insights – makes it faster and frees up time mainly.

Metrics – revaluation your ledger or bank account is now a touch of a button in Xledger – reporting wise this is much easier than with previous systems – used to take time to post those entries.  Saving a few hours a month just there.

We are Norway, USA, UK.  We are also using Xledger for a hedge fund in Cyprus.

Users – just 3.

We are still in R&D mode – we are not yet generating sales – but when we do we will get recurring subscriptions pricing model – Xledger comes with that functionality – recurring subscription based – we are hoping to use that.

Exchange rates are done automatically in Xledger.

3 things about it I would recommend:

  • scalability
  • quick and easy to implement
  • high end automation

For any further information on Xledger Cloud ERP, get in touch with our team of experts by email or by ringing 0117 329 1050.